"Not Asking For Your Permission" Apparel is finally here! And, you have a limited time to cop one (or two) of these exclusive items.

I've gone back and forth with myself--whether or not to do this music video or sell intersectional feminist shirts--but through it all, I always say: on the other side of fear is greatness. Whether I sell 5 or 5000, I know that I took a leap of faith.

Out of the many slogans we generated, "Not Asking For Your Permission" was the top voted!

If you follow me on the gram @Lvernon2000, then you will know why living your best body positive life unapologetically is so important. No matter how you look, how you sound, what you believe in, or how you identify, I want you to no longer ask for permission it!

Many of you know that I've been working tirelessly to make life work and make success happen, and it hasn't been easy. I've fallen, struggled, and then got right back up each time. This is your chance to support your girl. Support your Fat, Black Muslim girl boss trying to make it in a world that tells her that she ain't good enough...But of course while doing it in style :)

PURCHASE HERE: bonfire.com/leah-v-not-asking-for-your-permission-tee

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And, tell us why YOU are no longer asking for permission!

Song: "Tempo" Lizzo feat Missy Eliott (I do not own any rights to this song)

Director/Editor: @elysemarcinkowski

Video Asst: @brian___quintos

Models: @Lvernon2000 and @tgrbass