Photo: Frankie Fultz

Photo: Frankie Fultz

Well. I'm a writer. But not just any writer, I focus on bringing diversity to commercial YA/NA fiction. It's needed. Badly. I can go on and on about this...

I write novels and everything in between. Impure is the name of the current novel, which is in the realm of multicultural speculative fiction and dystopia. It's my little baby. It's a 400+ paged journey about two teens who are from different spectrums but learn the meaning of friendship and sisterhood in this crazy futuristic world where Whites are enslaved by Blacks. It's sexy. It's hardcore. It's gritty. And the line between good and bad are blurred. 

Been cultivating, tweaking, editing, crying, and failing this novel for the last three years. And, I've made the decision to self-publish it. So don't worry. She's almost ready to be released.

Hmm, what else? Oh, I'm 28. I'm an African-American and a proud Muslim from Detroit, Michigan. I have a B.S. in management from Wayne State University, an M.A. in creative writing/fiction, and an MFA in publishing from Wilkes University.

I also have a body positive style blog:

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