Impure the Novel

IMPURE: Book One

Illustrator: Fatima Harbali

Illustrator: Fatima Harbali

Author's Note: Wow. Here we are. A little black girl from Detroit who never, ever thought she could write a story, let alone publish and sell it... I've been writing stories for over 20 years. I started writing full length young adult fiction novels when I was sixteen. I have four novels that I've written. All of them have been rejected by every major (and not-so-major) literary agent in NY and LA. I've been told that my book would never make it because of the 'saturated' market. Give up on this story and write another. Go back to the drawing board. Take this and that out. And what do I say now to all of those people: fuck em'.

I've had the door closed on me so many times, that I have figured out a way to create my own door. Now, only time will tell whether it will open or not, but I'm up for the challenge.

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Summary of Impure:

Under the rule of a tyrant, Americans were divided by race and class. Hate and inequality reigned. Hispanics and Blacks had no choice but to overthrow the government and exterminate the Caucasian “Europe” race. The few Europes who managed to survive are now classified as Lower Residents and are used as slaves to rebuild the New America—The Southern Region.

Sixteen-year-old Saige, whose parents broke the “purity clause”, pays for their mistake far after their publicized executions. As an Impure, she now must escape the tyranny and sneak over the Border to freedom. Avi, who is destined to succeed her father as General, is conflicted by her loyalty to her authoritarian Elite family and her love for a Europe rebel. Leo, a Lower Resident worker who rebels believe God has sent, will lead them to salvation against the Union. These three teenage adversaries from different castes are forced to rely on one another to thwart a dictator’s plans for mass genocide.

 And they're about to start a revolution.

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Excerpt of Impure:

He pointed at me. “Right there!”

I ducked, weaving through the bodies and followed the girls, in hope that they had a legitimate escape route. I saw the legs of the second girl wiggle through a crack in the foundation of a building before disappearing. Although the fissure was large, it went unnoticed. I had no clue what was inside, or how I’d eventually exit, but what other choice was there? I got on my stomach and scooted inside the darkness.

“She’s in there,” I heard one of the watchmen say as I slithered further into the bumpy crevice. “Everyone spread out. I want that Impure found!”

It was pitch dark and reeked of dung and mold. I slipped out of my slimpack and pulled out a flashlight. When the light clicked on, the two girls gasped, shielded their eyes, and curled up into one another.

The little one put her hand out. “Please. Don’t hurt us.”

“It’s not me you have to worry about,” I said. “Tell me how to get out of here.”

“I can show you.” The taller girl began to crawl into an even smaller passageway.

 I turned off the light and moved. Not too far away was another crevice like the one we’d slipped into. I ducked underneath a crusted metal pipe and lifted myself out of the hole and right into an alleyway. The two girls dusted themselves off and without warning, darted off.

It was quiet, which was odd for the time of day. Then I got a sick feeling like I’d been there before. I quickly figured out that I was in the Keep Out Alleyway where bodies were usually dumped. Most alleys were short narrow strips between two buildings, but that one was much longer, wider, and there was no way to exit except at the other end. The Union of Civilization had put a tall gate there to keep people out, but its inhabitants broke the chains. A rusty “Keep Out” sign hung sideways off a screw. The lampposts were placed far apart and only in the middle of the path, so the sides were darkened.    

I spun around, sensing a presence, but unable to see anything clearly in the dark. I planned on racing to the other end, once I caught my breath, but the watchman flew out of nowhere and tackled. His armored shoulder plowed into my ribs as he carried me through the air and slammed me into the ground. I wheezed as his weight sunk into my chest. I elbowed him in the face and then hit him with a left hook; after that, I popped my pelvis and rolled out from underneath him.

Grabbing my hair from the back, he yanked as I tried to wiggle free. I grunted and hung onto my roots as he dragged me.

I rolled backwards. He stood. I kicked him in the chest. He fell again. I tried to go in for the kill, but he’d already pulled his weapon, aiming the nozzle at me from his back in between his legs.

“Stop. Resisting. Arrest,” he panted through every word.  

I obeyed. With the gun still trained on me, he got to his feet. He wiped the blood dripping from his nose with his sleeve. “Put your hands on your head.”

He was around my height, dark with a square face, and brows that went straight across his forehead. His body was bulky but size had never stopped me before.   

“And what are you going to do if I don’t?” I asked.  

The gun went higher as he held it tighter and approached.

“I will blow your head off.” Spit flew from his mouth.

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