Like Mother, Like Daughter

Title: Like Mother, Like Daughter

By: Leah Vernon

Genre: Adult Fiction/Drama

Word Count: 1240

Synopsis: Like Mother, Like Daughter is a short story I wrote about three years ago for my Master’s class about a mother who used to commit armed robberies. She soon finds out that her own teenage daughter has taken on the same criminal behaviors.  

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I never wanted to believe—I never thought in a million years that my little Kimmy was stealing, just like I had when I was her age. But I never stole from family. Criminals had to stand by a code, some kind of moral value system. I just stole from gas stations and convenience stores. I had no emotional connection to those robberies, those people. I can admit that I put the nozzle to so many cashiers’ temples that I lost count. I’d stuff a grocery bag full of crushed money and scream, “set off any alarms, bitch and you’ll die.”


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