Mother/Daughter Relationships

The Last Time I Cursed at Mom

By: Leah Vernon

Word Count: 1057

Synopsis: The Last Time I Cursed at Mom is a short nonfiction piece about the first time I swore at my mother during a very difficult time in our relationship.     

The Last Time I Cursed at Mom  


She sat on the edge of her bed, appearing calm yet challenged by her teenage daughter. I knew that she knew exactly what the deal was. Mom was tall with long legs and wide hips, the kind of woman that can rock a dress and take your man yet get underneath a car and fix the engine. She was loyal yet sneaky and would attack physically if threatened. And I wasn’t trying to get into a fight that night so I kept it cool despite my prior plan to rip her ass.

“Mom, my phone is off.” I tested the waters. See what she was going to say first.  

“Oh,” she said nonchalantly, flipping her thick hair over her shoulder. “I turned that off.”


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