Hard Candy

Title: Hard Candy

By: Leah Vernon

Word Count: 584

Synopsis: This is a short, short nonfiction essay on my deadbeat daddy saving my life when I was a child.



Hard Candy

The front door was open, and somehow I ended up on the porch. I remember it being one of those cool summer nights in Michigan. I sat down on the first step and unwrapped the transparent wrapper hungrily and into my mouth the candy went. The sugary layers melted onto my tongue as I savored the sweetness.

Minutes passed and I found myself not being able to breathe—in or out. The piece of candy had somehow lodged itself in my throat. My eyes bulged. I grabbed my neck with both tiny hands in panic. I stood up still facing the streetlights, trying to heave the object outwards. But it just wouldn’t budge...   

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